Natasha Linde
Natasha Linde
How things happen
I think, you might be interested in the way I handle things.
With this knowledge you will know what to expect and when, and finally prepare for the photoshoot even better.
I would recommend booking at least 3 months in advance. As soon as we agree on the date and conditions I shall send you a template for the contract.
As soon as you sign the contract I shall ask you to transfer a non-refundable fee equalling 20% of the overall shooting cost to secure the booking.

From that moment no one else can book your dates, plus few days before and after.
I shall appreciate if you find time to meet me one day in advance for a short discussion on
The Photoshoot
The best time for the photoshoot is either at dawn or at sunset. The light is especially soft and warm, creating a particular intimate atmosphere. Within photographers it is called "the golden hour". It would be amazing if we are able to arrange some free time
It will take me at least 8 weeks after the photoshoot to colour enhance, retouch and print pictures. This is a very delicate work that I do very thoroughly, so I do not make things faster, even for an extra fee.

What you can expect though, is having a few images within a week after the photo shooting. I know how important social media are, so I shall not make you wait for those first reactions.
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