Natasha Linde
Natasha Linde
It's time to know me better
My career started in fashion media. I worked for Elle, GQ, Cosmopolitan and many others and eventually became the editor of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine. But as years passed by I realized my obsession with photography is taking over. So I moved to London and came back four years later with a Master's degree in fashion photography.

I learned new thinking, acquired new skills, and on top had an amazing time at Sølve Sundsbø's studio.
At the same time I found out I am far more interessted in real people and real emotion, rather than staged fashion scenes.

I love exploring the chemistry of love through the viewfinder. It is always exciting to catch the intimate moments of two people on camera to preserve them for years. In the end, there is nothing better for me than a beautiful setting, some natural light and a loving couple caught in it.

But don't get me wrong, I still do commercial photoshoots. Working in the studio or on location with a team, building the synergy between models, make-up artists, stylists, and assistants is a great exercise and always a challenge of its own.

I work in both digital and film, shooting classic 35mm as well as the amazing 6x4.5 medium format, being one of the photographers that try to keep the analogue alive.

I currently reside in Berlin, but of course I gladly travel for photography and leisure.
If you are planning an event somewhere in Europe — just let me know and we shall figure out how to make it happen. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Yours truly,


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