Natasha Linde
Natasha Linde
They can be small, but sometimes they may be really big.
Ceremonies can be simple or staged and directed like a real movie.
But no matter what, deep inside they remain very intimate.

This is why capturing the chemistry and preserving the atmosphere is the essence of my work. I stand for honest storytelling where natural light, inartificial beauty and real emotions are the foundations of great pictures.
Autumn, Puglia, Italy. Could it be more picturesque?
A cozy celebration in Schoneberg
Early May wedding at Schloss Charlottenburg
An early autumn party at a forest lake.

I can't lie: I always try to put the bride into the focus
Let's just face it: this day is equally important for the both of you, but it is She who deserves the most of attention. Whenever possible, I try to arrange a short bride-only session to make the most intimate pictures that will save Her mood and Her beauty on the day of the wedding.
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