Natasha Linde
Natasha Linde
You might have a few questions
for me by now...
Let me try to give you the answers for the most common ones
How do we book you?
I am glad to know you are interested in me! You can get in touch via a contact form,
or by writing on my e-mail I always appreciate some extra details from the start: when and where the ceremony will take place, what kind of wedding it will be style-wise, etc.
Then I shall confirm the date and send you a contract per mail. After you sign it — I am all yours for that day.
Do you have wedding day packages? Where do we find the offers and the pricing?
After you contact me I shall provide you with full pricing and packaging information, or calculate an offer if we decide on something different from common.

But just for your information, I have several fixed options, from a short 2-hour photoshoot to full-day coverage. Please keep in mind that I am flexible and willing to tailor everything to fit your needs.
Are you available outside of Berlin?
Sure! It is a pleasure for me to travel around Europe to take pictures of loving people. No matter if your wedding is in Iceland or Italy — I can be there for you.
If your wedding is outside EU, I would appreciate if you contact me as early as possible.

Do you produce video as well?
Unfortunately, I don't.
I prefer still images, whether they are digital of film. I can help you find a great cameraman, though.
Do you edit the pictures?
By default, I do color correction for the whole photoshoot. For chosen images, I do full cycle magazine-quality editing. This applies to digital images and film scans as well. I do extra color correction for pictures that I print to ensure the right color balance on paper.
Do you print the photographs?
Or course!
Even though by default I deliver images in digital form, I would advise on printing at least your favorite images from the photoshoot. Paper will keep the cherished moments for both you and the future generations of your family for years to come.

You can print the images yourself, but I would recommend that I take care of that.
The images, in this case, will be printed at a professional printing lab in Germany. Since digital images may look different on paper, I do full color correction once again to ensure they are as good as they show on a screen.

I hope I was able to clear the main points.
However, if you have more questions, please contact me.
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